Glamour Pen™ (70% OFF)
Glamour Pen™ (70% OFF)
Glamour Pen™ (70% OFF)

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Glamour Pen™ (70% OFF)

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On-the-go glamour

Hate it when you enter your car and notice that your makeup is missing that finishing touch? Our pen is the perfect solution for any makeup inconvenience, its 4-in-1 makeup function allows you to arrive anywhere glamorously!

Why customers love Glamour Pen

🌸 4-in-1 Function
Your cosmetic collection in the palm of your hand. The Glamour Pen™ offers an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, and a stunning highlighter all in a single pen.

💖 Touch ups
Perfect for solving minor inconveniences! Whether you need to highlight, define your eyes with eyeliner, or add a touch of shimmer, the Glamour Pen™ has your back.

🛍️ On the go

Clear up your messy travel makeup bag. Glamour Pen™ is the perfect replacement for many of your cosmetics. Its pen design allows you to slip it anywhere you please!